My First Post!

Hi this is a first little Blog test. I want to write somthing about me and my experiance in my Viritual Worlds. I have been in Second Life fore over 5 years now and i am getting old! When i Rezzed my avi first time

It was on New years day 2008 and a lot of water have flown under the bridges after that.  I unfortionatley don’t have a lot of pictures from that time  but i will post a picture lol.Snapshot _ Second Sweden 2 - The Archipelag, Second Sweden 2 (2

This Picture is from the lighthouse in Second Sweden a sim that have pased away over 3 years ago. I look realy like that newbee i was in this pic.

Second Life was an amazing experiance for me and it was just so fun chatting with peoples, Go to Partys and just hang out. So i was hooked  and i still log in in this strange world more then 5 years later.

This partys was a big thing for me at that time so i decided to try being a DJ. Well with some help i finaly managed to get every peace on place to start. At that time i was Djing using a program call Winamp is an easy music program sutable fore newbees like me. after som private trying i finaly was reddy and i played my first Gig at Aakes and Anabellas Cafe’ on a sim called Samoa, It was great fun and i even got som tips, Wow it was fun.

After a couple of months in this world i decided to get my own place and rented a house in Second Sweden. I Started a Club named Fias’ Altan or Bridge in English. It was great fun and i still own the same house in SL. Fias Altan_001

Well that was how it all started. Later on i have started to Breed Horses 2 types both Amarettos and ABC horses and that is great Fun. I have to make this short corse this will be a lot to read and i dont want to irk my readers.

Nowdays i am in 5 viritual Worlds and they are Second Life, OSgrid, Inworldz, Kitely and Cloud Party. It sounds Crazy and it is!

as they say To Be continued!

/Huggies Fia W


7 kommentarer

  1. Välkommen till bloggskaran Fia! Din altan är ett av de tidiga minnena Apmel har i SL.

  2. Brave post, Fia! I nominate you for President! 🙂

    Tell us more about these other virtual worlds. It seems that SL is trying to kill itself with … um, never mind what with, but it appears they are not motivated or they lack the skills required to keep up. My friends and I may want to move if SL doesn’t fix some basic issues.

    Don’t worry about talking too much, either. You have a pleasant demeanor, and I’d like to hear more from you. 🙂

    MicSteel Newman
    Second Norway resident 🙂

    • Yess i will bloog The rest worlds later when i got time 🙂
      /huggies Fia W

  3. *vinkar* min länk försvann, försöker igen xxx

  4. Tack Mera XoXo

  5. Subscribed for your blog, many thanks


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