Månadsarkiv: februari, 2013

Breed ABC Horses and get an awesome Bike!

In second Life you can breed some amazing animals! Myself i am most interested of horses and i breed both Amaretto and ABC horses. Today i will talk about what you can get in ABC world http://www.awesomebreedcreations.com/ Somtimes you need to take away some old or unvanted horses and then you get so called CR- points. …

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Happy Valentines Day ❤

Today i want to wish al my friends and even my haters (By hating me you make me a lot stronger) A happy Valentines day ❤ When i wake up i saw a lot of valentine greatings and this got me inspired to blogg today 🙂 In Second Life Amaretto Celebrate this day buy selling …

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A Party In Osgrid Close Encounter

Is it possible to have fun on a friday night witout being in sl? The answer is YES!  This Fri´day i am in a smaller Grid called Osgrid far from second Life its a little nice and friendly grid. And on fridays the event to go for is the Friday party on the club Close …

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