Breed ABC Horses and get an awesome Bike!

In second Life you can breed some amazing animals! Myself i am most interested of horses and i breed both Amaretto and ABC horses. Today i will talk about what you can get in ABC world

Somtimes you need to take away some old or unvanted horses and then you get so called CR- points. And today i went to the ABC shopp to buy some new starter horses from my points.

ABC manestore_001

At the CR Vendor you can get several things from you CR points like food, medikit and horses.

ABC manestore CR Vendor_001

But then i saw somthing that maked me exited!

ABC manestore CR Vendor Iron Horse_001

An awesome motorcycle named Iron horse!  I have to get this bike even if the cost is 3500 coupons!

The bike looks truly amazing what a dream!  and gues what? Yes i took it! and went to my home place to unpack it.

First of all after all work i have to relax for a couple of minutes and wahts better then relax on a bike?

ABC Bike_001

Wow look at that bike i bet i make most of you guys jellous now!  The owner of ABC Dracul are not only interested in horses, He is even a motorcycle fan and look at this wonderfull creation!

ABC manestore CR Vendor Iron Horse Sandbox_001 

I had to take it to a sandbox to ride it! i was so exited and full of expectations 🙂

I turnd it on and the The engine started immediately with a wonderfull dull noice.

i turnd away and wow it was fast i felt the wind blowing threw my hair but then disaster! The whole second life krached! [explicit]  But this gire don’t give up that easy soon SL was up agin runnig!

ABC Bike_002

This was great fun and i was up riding agin!

ABC Bike riding_001

This bike runs like a dream and you can even take a passenger to if you want and it has both male and female pose to.

ABC Bike riding_002

I must recommend this! Breed your horses save your coupons and get this amazing Iron Horse!

Huggies/ Fia W





3 kommentarer

  1. Uracool bike Fia 🙂

  2. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!


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