Månadsarkiv: april, 2013

I won my first ABC race yesterday night at ABC racetrack

Yesterday i won my first race with ABC horses and what a race! It was the highest grade class ql5 fore sulky horses and Karandell drove he perfectley He take the position outside the lead and he totaly ground down the leader! This horase are totaly awesome and he got a perfect name to FW …

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A Racing Night At Dixieland Downs Racetrack

Lately SL and other Viritual Worlds have been werry hard to me, I have had a lot of problems with both persons and other things, And somtimes i have inclination to even quit it.  At that point is good to think of some new things to do. My good horsefriend Petra told me to start …

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I have enterd building Contest in Cloud Party.

Right now in Cloud Party they have a great building contest. Build with the new block tool and you can win 1000 CC Cloud Coins 🙂 http://forums.cloudparty.com/discussion/1058/block-building-contest-win-1000-cc/p1 And its fun to build so why not take part? First of all what to build? I got no idea so i juast started to build and see whats …

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