I have enterd building Contest in Cloud Party.

Right now in Cloud Party they have a great building contest. Build with the new block tool and you can win 1000 CC Cloud Coins 🙂


And its fun to build so why not take part?

First of all what to build? I got no idea so i juast started to build and see whats hapened. The house become huge fare more big then i had expected it to be.

But why not? it’s a factory! Yes after some time i got the idea!



Its well protected and defended 😀       The Factory itself have a nice 18th century look, It has 8 Chimnys and a lot of smoke is pouring out from them.

Our Beautiful Sim Eden Field almost looks like North Korea Now! So we have to protect ourselfs.

As you see there is a lot of building here everyone builds its so simple and we all love it. In Second Life i can’t build but here i can.

If you want to learn building i can recomand Cloud Party the building tool is like a mix of Minecraft and Second Life and it works smoth.

I found this fun mesh model to place insde the Factory. Its a Prototype Tank not fully asambled.

Inside there are big halls and it has 3 floors. Picture from 2ond floor.


And one more from the first floor.



So Whats waiting fore? Sign up in Cloud Party and start to build!  http://www.cloudparty.com/ Best way is to use Crome Browser but even Firefox Works.

Huggies/Fia W





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