A Racing Night At Dixieland Downs Racetrack

Lately SL and other Viritual Worlds have been werry hard to me, I have had a lot of problems with both persons and other things, And somtimes i have inclination to even quit it.  At that point is good to think of some new things to do.

My good horsefriend Petra told me to start Racing with my ABC horses. Was that waht i want i wondered ? after som thinking it was a big YES! Thats fun Yeahh!!

So  Waht to do then? She helped me a bit with training sheldue to make a horse reddy fore the friday night races at Dixie Downs Racetrack http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dixieland%20Downs/96/37/21

We started to train one horse His name was FW Star On A Run. I did the Pull Training and she helped me with the rest part. Later on i figured out that i even got a Sweet little girl named FW Miss Ruby

That cold be reddy to if we did a werry tight training sheldue. I trained and trainded  and even sent that girl over to Petra when i was sleeping during the night to make her get reddy fore the race.

She even helped me to find a driver fore her it was the famus one Theeodore Nacht!  The other horse shold be driven by my friend Honey. It Went to Friday and the horses was reddy! Yes we made it!

Both shold be racing in the 9th race at the night in the calls called ql2. I Went to Dixieland it was a huge Place!

Dixieland Racetrack_001 Dixieland Racetrack_002

The Track was at one sim and the rest on another to make it less laggy.

On the track there was som start Boxes

Dixieland Racetrack_004

After a while they start with the first race i was ther with Petra and another friend Aquadoc who even was driver in some of the races.

Dixieland Racetrack_006

Dixieland Racetrack_007

I had several breedings in the races and Aquadock won a race with a breeding from me It was so fun!

Dixieland Racetrack_009

On the picture below is my horse FW Star On A Run sting up fore the race with her driver Honey.

Dixieland Racetrack_010

Far out at the last Box Theo was seting up my sweet little Girl FW Miss Ruby

Dixieland Racetrack_011

Theodore seems to come right from Hell looking terrible 😀 Picture from the public place later on.

Dixieland Racetrack_012

Unfortionatly it was a disaster, Honey crashed and coldent race so the horse went DQL and The other horse never come into the race from thet position who is the worst of them all

even if she was werry fast from the begining she went pushed back on the furst turn. so unfortinatly she went last in the race at the end.

Even if there was some disasters the whole thing was so fun and it gave me a lot of taste on this and maked me determinated to come back with even more horses next week! So what i have to do now

is to train horses! Next time i hope i will have a lot better luck, And Petra have even helped me with some silks fore my stable. that will be fun.

From me to you a nice Saturday, take care of each other and make some love ❤

Huggies/ Fia W



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