Monthly Archives: maj, 2013

Sunday Greatings and a happy Swedish Mothers Day

A lot of things have happened since my last blog post. First of all i got my SL baby early this week, Even if it was in second life it was a bit special and weary fun 🙂 Even a pixel baby can look cute 🙂 Even My Oldenburger horse i bought last week have got …

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New ABC breed and suport fore the Fibromylagia.

Yesterday ABC released a new breed the Oldenburger horse. And this time all the money from it will be donated to the research for fibromylagia illness. The new horse is awesome a black horse with roses and the fibromylagia logo. The breed can be bought in the main ABC shop It costs 8000 lindens and …

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Amazing Night at ABC Racetrack!

As you know i am a lot involved in horseracing nowdays and Yesterday night was amazing! I had 9 horses out racing and they won 4 Races!  1 was 2ond and 4 more 3rd that was beond all my expectations. Here is a werry happy girl with her 4 winners around her! My friend Honey drove …

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