Sunday Greatings and a happy Swedish Mothers Day

A lot of things have happened since my last blog post. First of all i got my SL baby early this week, Even if it was in second life it was a bit special and weary fun 🙂

Edda Och Fia 2_001

Even a pixel baby can look cute 🙂

Edda och Fia_001

Even My Oldenburger horse i bought last week have got his first offspring a little cute Golden boy.

Golden Oldenburger_001

This week they even released a new Breed from ABC, They are busy right now and more to come.

This time its a breed called Tennessee Walking horse or just Walker all the money goes to Relay for life so its a good purpose and you can buy the new horse at breedable Expo market.

RFL Walker_001

Yesterday i won my first steeplechase races and not even one i won 2 off them and it was awesome i even won a Flat race and here is all my 3 winners 🙂

Here we are all 4 of us from left Jumping Queen , Run Mary Run , Me and Run For IT 🙂


Today its Mothers Day in Sweden so finally i want to wish all the mothers and all my friends a happy Mothers Day and a nice Sunday ❤❤

Happy Mothers Day

Huggies/ Fia W ❤


2 kommentarer

  1. Fiona

    Heppy mother’s day Fia and congratulations!

  2. Fiona

    Happy of course… ridåååå


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