End Of Chowla 25/9 2011 – 12/11 2013

Some days ago my landlord Boby Brimm dived in on my bridge and wanted a talk with me. He told me i was using up the sims most recourses and that i do have to many scripts.

I quickly uploaded a picture showing that it was my neighbour that have the highest scripts on the sim, Look on the picture below!

.Statistics 2

Unfortionatly he didnt listen to me, Insted he got upset and told me i had 24 hours to leave and clean up! I say what!!!! are you kidding??
I have lived on this sim for over 2 years and i have never been late to pay my rent and always been polite. Is this how you threat your renters?
He told i have been bad i have used more prims that i sold i have used all the recourses on the sim, he had trouble to rent out the rest of the sim corse of me
and there have been a lot of issues he told. Bad rezzing and a lot of lag. Thats strange! I have lived here for over 2 years and i have never had this problems he told.
He just wanted to get rid of me i think, I can agree about the prims but he have told me that it not have been a problem if i have hade some extra prims and i have even for
over one year rented half of the sim that’s 7500 prims and i have paid him a lot of money. He also told that he no longer was my friend and i was like a parasite.
Thats not really nice to told a person that have rented your place for so long. I don’t think this is tha way mostly sold threat their friends and people’s you have business with.
At least i wold never do that myself.

Anyway i have to leave this place and it should be empty at Wednesday morning so i started to take pictures of how i have it now at the end.
I have planned to leave after my rezzparty at 1/1 2014 when i will become horrible 6 years in sl. 6 Years is a lot and a lot have happened to me.
I do need to cut down my time here in sl to foucus more on my RL and that’s why i make this decision a while ago. But i had hope to have one more winter here
at Chowla and to have a few more amazing party’s :). This time at Chowla have give me a lot , It have been up and down i have met love and lots of fun and joy , I have even
got a lot of drama ,sadness and heavy days. Its a big part of my SL life. Let me show you some pictures!

End Of Chowla_001
Here a view on the dancebridge ,the house and my little gazebo.

End Of Chowla_017

An Inside View in the house with this little cute Fairy ❤

End Of Chowla_014

From the upper floor in the house with my lovely bed.

End Of Chowla_004

My pool that my good friend Loffe have built for me ❤

End Of Chowla_005

The backside of the garden.

End Of Chowla_002

The lovely ABC horses Mera gave me when we was together. (I do not breed ABC horses anymore after a lot of racing drama)

End Of Chowla_003

My old Amaretto pet horses, This one is even older then Chowla and this 3 is actually the first ones i got and i do still have them 🙂

End Of Chowla_008

Amaretto Vampire horses 🙂 It was Halloween just a few days ago 😉

End Of Chowla_020

The Elemental Amaretto horses and the Unicorn.

End Of Chowla_007

My cloth stores.

End Of Chowla_006

The castle in night view.

End Of Chowla_009

Inside the castle and the skeleton in the coffin named Lucas 😀

End Of Chowla_010

The castle ghost girl with her baby.

End Of Chowla_012

Me playing at the piano for the last time here at Chowla 😦

End Of Chowla_013

My private Cinema.

End Of Chowla_015

The small cottage for the farm hand 😉

End Of Chowla_016

Garden at daytime.

End Of Chowla_018

The Halloweencastle skybox.

End Of Chowla_019

Inside view of the Halloween castle.

End Of Chowla_011

Andy finally Chowla from air.

This is a said day for me and now i have to start doing all the the packing. I don’t really know what will happen next. o got a little parcel of my own from my Premium account,
So maybe i will just live there or maybe i will rent a little parcel for the rest of the year. Its a lot of memory’s that are flowing into my brain now, I have had so much fun here
I have had Halloween party’s, Christmas party’s I have breed horses and a lot lot more. Its a crying Fia that writes all this but i have to move on to new adventures and looking forward.

Finlay i want to wish all my friends a nice day and thanks for all your support in this dark moment. I truly love you ❤
Lots of love /Fia W ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

End Of Chowla_021


2 kommentarer

  1. Det blir mycket golf framöver för oss 🙂
    jag förstår att du känner dig vilse. Lycka till med landletandet!

  2. Tack Jändi 🙂


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