Steampunk with Nymlet

I was invited to visit Nymlet and her Place called The Stem Rose.

And wow what a place it was, I was truly amazed.

Nymlet Fs8_001

Nymlets Place9_001

It was a club and a lot more in the air will all of amazing stuff you could wish.
I started out at the main floor slurl

Nymlet Fs2_001


Dancefloor with DJ stand and a lot more. amazing dances for both couple and singles.

Nymlets Place12_001
The most awesome Tesla generators that was creating flashes.
Nymlet Fs1_001


After some dancing i went down used some of the most teleports i ever seen down to the main engine room.

Nymlet Fs5_001


A lot of machines controls and everything else 🙂

She also had a little robot drone that was repairing some leaks very useful when you deal with old stuff like this.

Nymlet Fs7_001


Some big guns and other things was protecting the place and corse the union flag

Nymlets Place3_001


I really wonder what Nymlet do in her bed? she have a mounted gatling gun in it 😀

Nymlets Place4_001


Nymlet also have shops there she is selling her creations a lot of amazing things a mobile DJ platform and a lot of weapons and other things and the Kraken Octopussy.

Nymlets Place6_001

Nymlet Fs15_001


With this harpoon you might be able to catch big things 🙂

Nymlet Fs11_001

She also have some uniforms and cloths for petite (small avatars)

Nymlet Fs14_001

Nymlet Fs14_002


Suddenly a it was a big flash in the store 🙂

Nymlet Fs13_001


Here you will find great Kings like Oscar The II from Sweden and famous inventors and explorers like Nordensköld

Nymlet Fs10_001


She also have a workshop were she create all tis stuff and i did see a lot of drawings 🙂

Nymlet Fs12_001


Nymlet also showed me her Victorian sex club 😉

Nymlets Place11_001


offcorse i had to try some pole dance.

Nymlets Place10_001


Nymlet Fs6_001


She also have a nice garden with fountains and even som rats that was dancing around 🙂

Nymlet Fs9_001


She also rent out small cute apartments.

Nymlets Place7_001


She also have a beautiful place outside when you just can relax and look at the stars in the telescopic.

Nymlet Fs3_001



You might even see some airships docking.

Nymlet Fs4_001


Finlay i wants to thank Nymlet so much for inviting me this was one of the most exiting places i ever seen in my almost 6 years long journey in Second Life.

Nymlets Place4_002


And i wish you all a nice Saturday evening, Huggies /Fia W ❤ ❤ ❤

Nymlets Place8_001



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