Amaretto the most creepy SL company ever!

If you consider to start with a breedable in Second Life Don’t choice Amaretto!
I had been breeding them for about 3 years and suddenly yesterday they just banned me!
For what??? They accuse me to use fake bad food!  What ?? Yes they tell i have used food that was fake.
And the question why do they have a product that is that bad that it not works?
Why do they not fix the problems with it if it not do work?
I have been a loyal customer for 3 years and spent 100 000s of lindens on them and there thank for that is to ban me!
Is this the way a company should threat there customers? corse not! this is ridiculous and a terrible way to blame others for there own problems.
There TOS is a big joke how can they turn of people and steel there properties?
This is not the first time they do like this to there customers and NOT THE LAST! So if you consider to have a breedable in virtual Worlds.
DO NOT CONSIDER TO USE AMARETTO! all you get is a company that steals your money and do whatever they wants with your properties
If they not likes you they just turn you of ban you and steels you horses and bundles. Its terrible to be affected of things like this
and i really want to warn people about it so it not happens to others. before a company accuse there custamars to use bad food they need profs and were is the profs?
THEY HAVE NOTHING AT ALL! that’s the truth! Whats happened to me is terrible and i really hope that you not will be affected of crap like this so DON’T BUY THERE PRODUCTS!

Amaretto Poison

Others i wish you all a lovely Sunday ❤
Huggies/Fia W



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