Happy New Year!

This year are coming to and end and its time to resume it. To talk clear In virtual worlds this year have been the worst ever:(
For me there have been disasters all and all over again. When i started this year i was in love i had more then a half sim with like 10 000 prims.
I had a castle and i had some of the best ABC and Amaretto horses on the grid on Second Life. Now i live in a cottage i rent a small parcel of 250 prims
Fia Blond_001
and i do not have any horses. Its quite a journey from what it was. First i lost my loved one early this spring and there was a huge drama about that to it was terrible,
One of the worst thing that have happened to me on my time in sl 😦  Later this Summer it was the huge ABC drama and it ended up that i am not longer a part of that community.
Then late this autumn i was fired from my sim being accused of using up to many scripts , it was ridiculous and to be fired from a place you have been on for over 2 and a half year
That was not fun i can tell. and now finally it was the Amaretto food drama with false accusements some days after Christmas. Guess if i wants to turn the page to a new fresh one!
I have getting old to I am not the same little girl that rezzed here in this strange world 6 years ago on the 1st January 2008. A lot of water under the bridges.
I will not be here as much as i have been before next year. I have to priority my RL and my promise this New Year will be to spend less time in all virtual Worlds next year.
Second Life are getting old to when i rezzed in 2008 the hype on it was at its highest ever in our Swedish community we saw a lot of new faces every day
and the expansion was huge. Nowadays you will be happy if you see a new person once a month in the Swedish community and most of the new ones this days are alts to others.
I am not sure Second life will survive 6 other years. Nowadays LL lose like 2 sims every day and the spent hours of the residents is dropping.
Today the nr one things is not virtual Worlds. Now its FB, Instagram and other Social media that play most attention of the people especially the younger ones.
And left is old addicted people like me and others and we become less and less. LL have a lot to work with if SL should be tha popular again that it once was.
We are on a platform that is more then 10 years old it was good in the early 2000s but now its soon 2014 and tech from over 10 years ago will have there place at the museum.
So do i and the rest from my era, Its time for the younger generation to take over and do something about it others it will not last 6 more years.
I am not sure how much i will blog in the future as i will be more in RL there will be less to write about from this virtual Worlds but i do not think you will get rid of me total.
Tomorrow i will celebrate my 6th Rezzday and you are all invited to join I will publish a post about it tomorrow.
Whit this words i finally wants to wish all my friends a Happy New Year! May your 2014 be amazing for you all. Lets turn the page! We will end this with a song.

/Huggies Fia W  ❤❤❤❤❤

Fia Gold_001



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