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I won my first ABC race yesterday night at ABC racetrack

Yesterday i won my first race with ABC horses and what a race! It was the highest grade class ql5 fore sulky horses and Karandell drove he perfectley He take the position outside the lead and he totaly ground down the leader! This horase are totaly awesome and he got a perfect name to FW …

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A Sunday Morning i Cloud Party

Today i have a horrible blizzard in Real life so i tryed out another grid 😀 and today i got a nice link from Mera to some monstertruck boogie  https://a.cloudparty.com/loc/2053/-23,-1.5,-33.9,0.8  in Cloud Party. I must say that it was pretty fun driving around at the sim To all my friends a happy Sunday Huggies/ Fia W …

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