Sunday Greatings and a happy Swedish Mothers Day

A lot of things have happened since my last blog post. First of all i got my SL baby early this week, Even if it was in second life it was a bit special and weary fun 🙂

Edda Och Fia 2_001

Even a pixel baby can look cute 🙂

Edda och Fia_001

Even My Oldenburger horse i bought last week have got his first offspring a little cute Golden boy.

Golden Oldenburger_001

This week they even released a new Breed from ABC, They are busy right now and more to come.

This time its a breed called Tennessee Walking horse or just Walker all the money goes to Relay for life so its a good purpose and you can buy the new horse at breedable Expo market.

RFL Walker_001

Yesterday i won my first steeplechase races and not even one i won 2 off them and it was awesome i even won a Flat race and here is all my 3 winners 🙂

Here we are all 4 of us from left Jumping Queen , Run Mary Run , Me and Run For IT 🙂


Today its Mothers Day in Sweden so finally i want to wish all the mothers and all my friends a happy Mothers Day and a nice Sunday ❤❤

Happy Mothers Day

Huggies/ Fia W ❤


New ABC breed and suport fore the Fibromylagia.

Yesterday ABC released a new breed the Oldenburger horse. And this time all the money from it will be donated to the research for fibromylagia illness.

The new horse is awesome a black horse with roses and the fibromylagia logo. The breed can be bought in the main ABC shop

It costs 8000 lindens and the money goes to a weary good purpose so its worth every penny! The Oldenburger will be used for steeplechase a weary fun race.

Pic from the store

ABC Store Oldenburger_001

Ofcorse I bought one myself and here is a picture of me and my lovely horse 🙂

ABC Oldenburger and Fia_001

Sweet Sundayhuggies to all of my friends/ Fia W ❤❤❤




Amazing Night at ABC Racetrack!

As you know i am a lot involved in horseracing nowdays and Yesterday night was amazing!

I had 9 horses out racing and they won 4 Races!  1 was 2ond and 4 more 3rd that was beond all my expectations.

ABC Winner Padre Dream_001

ABC Winner Miss Gray_001

Here is a werry happy girl with her 4 winners around her!

Fia And The Winners_001

My friend Honey drove them all and she was amazed to!  From the Left Miss Golden, Miss Ember Ice , Me :), Padre Dream and Miss Gray Star

I am so happy my FW horses shows how good they are and the racing is so fun. and tonight its time again at Dixieland Racetrack.

I want to wish all my friends a happy Saturday

Huggies/Fia W

I won my first ABC race yesterday night at ABC racetrack

Yesterday i won my first race with ABC horses and what a race! It was the highest grade class ql5 fore sulky horses and Karandell drove he perfectley

He take the position outside the lead and he totaly ground down the leader! This horase are totaly awesome and he got a perfect name to FW Superman!

Proud owner and her horse.

Fia and FW Superman_001

Here are the results from the race

ABC Racetrack_001

This was realy amazing and guess if i am happy and proud now 🙂

Huggies/ Fia W

A Racing Night At Dixieland Downs Racetrack

Lately SL and other Viritual Worlds have been werry hard to me, I have had a lot of problems with both persons and other things, And somtimes i have inclination to even quit it.  At that point is good to think of some new things to do.

My good horsefriend Petra told me to start Racing with my ABC horses. Was that waht i want i wondered ? after som thinking it was a big YES! Thats fun Yeahh!!

So  Waht to do then? She helped me a bit with training sheldue to make a horse reddy fore the friday night races at Dixie Downs Racetrack

We started to train one horse His name was FW Star On A Run. I did the Pull Training and she helped me with the rest part. Later on i figured out that i even got a Sweet little girl named FW Miss Ruby

That cold be reddy to if we did a werry tight training sheldue. I trained and trainded  and even sent that girl over to Petra when i was sleeping during the night to make her get reddy fore the race.

She even helped me to find a driver fore her it was the famus one Theeodore Nacht!  The other horse shold be driven by my friend Honey. It Went to Friday and the horses was reddy! Yes we made it!

Both shold be racing in the 9th race at the night in the calls called ql2. I Went to Dixieland it was a huge Place!

Dixieland Racetrack_001 Dixieland Racetrack_002

The Track was at one sim and the rest on another to make it less laggy.

On the track there was som start Boxes

Dixieland Racetrack_004

After a while they start with the first race i was ther with Petra and another friend Aquadoc who even was driver in some of the races.

Dixieland Racetrack_006

Dixieland Racetrack_007

I had several breedings in the races and Aquadock won a race with a breeding from me It was so fun!

Dixieland Racetrack_009

On the picture below is my horse FW Star On A Run sting up fore the race with her driver Honey.

Dixieland Racetrack_010

Far out at the last Box Theo was seting up my sweet little Girl FW Miss Ruby

Dixieland Racetrack_011

Theodore seems to come right from Hell looking terrible 😀 Picture from the public place later on.

Dixieland Racetrack_012

Unfortionatly it was a disaster, Honey crashed and coldent race so the horse went DQL and The other horse never come into the race from thet position who is the worst of them all

even if she was werry fast from the begining she went pushed back on the furst turn. so unfortinatly she went last in the race at the end.

Even if there was some disasters the whole thing was so fun and it gave me a lot of taste on this and maked me determinated to come back with even more horses next week! So what i have to do now

is to train horses! Next time i hope i will have a lot better luck, And Petra have even helped me with some silks fore my stable. that will be fun.

From me to you a nice Saturday, take care of each other and make some love ❤

Huggies/ Fia W

I have enterd building Contest in Cloud Party.

Right now in Cloud Party they have a great building contest. Build with the new block tool and you can win 1000 CC Cloud Coins 🙂

And its fun to build so why not take part?

First of all what to build? I got no idea so i juast started to build and see whats hapened. The house become huge fare more big then i had expected it to be.

But why not? it’s a factory! Yes after some time i got the idea!



Its well protected and defended 😀       The Factory itself have a nice 18th century look, It has 8 Chimnys and a lot of smoke is pouring out from them.

Our Beautiful Sim Eden Field almost looks like North Korea Now! So we have to protect ourselfs.

As you see there is a lot of building here everyone builds its so simple and we all love it. In Second Life i can’t build but here i can.

If you want to learn building i can recomand Cloud Party the building tool is like a mix of Minecraft and Second Life and it works smoth.

I found this fun mesh model to place insde the Factory. Its a Prototype Tank not fully asambled.

Inside there are big halls and it has 3 floors. Picture from 2ond floor.


And one more from the first floor.



So Whats waiting fore? Sign up in Cloud Party and start to build! Best way is to use Crome Browser but even Firefox Works.

Huggies/Fia W



Get a free ABC horse starter pack today!

Today Awesome breed Creations have an amazing gift fore you. They give you a free starter pack of 2 horses, male + female.

Just touch the little horse on the display and you will recive the gift. Here is the location

Free Gift ABC_001

Huggies /Fia W


Happy Easter

Happy Easter from me to all my friends all over the grids!


Have a nice weekend

Huggies/ Fia W

Get new free land in Cloud Party and new building Tool

Today when i logged in in Cloud Party there was some interesting news. First it was a new  tutorial with new building features.

New Building Tool

And the new building tool was awesome, Now its a lot easyer to build in Cloud Party and as the creators told me there will be a lot of more improvments in the near future.

More amazing after the totorial you was able to claim a new plot of land a lot bigger then the previous one you already got. I fastly climed a plot at the lovely new Sim Eden Field,-0.7,0.0,1.5  Here is my new place.

Nytt Land

The sim is amazing with a lot of nice peoples and i placed a little cute home on my plot.

Here is a view of Eden Field.

Eden Field

I can realy recomand this it was so fun 🙂

Huggies /Fia W

Spring has sprung in Second Life!

In Real Life it looks like this!

Pictures 1858

The spring is alreddy over 1 month late and the winter seems not to end 😦

Its quite depressing and i wonder how long this terrible winter will last.

But today i decided it was time fore some change! at least here in Second Life.

First of all i changed the screans from a winter landscape to a nice spring forest, then it was time to plant some trees.

Spring In Second Life_001

Isant it beautifully? some lovely cherry blossom trees and fresh grass.

Even the horses seems to enjoy.

Spring In Second Life2_001

And me to i am so happy to see this change and i even bought this nice cupcake dress sutable fore a cupcake like me 😉

Spring In Second Life3_001

I hope you all get some inspiraton thinking of the spring and i hope it will have came longer fore you then its fore me here.

A werry nice Saturday to you and some worm spring hugs from me ❤ /Fia W