Merry Christmas 2014!


I want to wish all my friends a Merry Christmas and also invite you to a big Christmas party here at Fias Altan

20/12 2014 at 22.00 CET   1 PM SLT
Put on your best christmas cloths and have a wonderful evening.
I will be your DJ and play some of the best christmas songs (Even some naughty ones 😀 )

Hugs and Welcome Fia W ❤

Fia Jul 2014 Redigerad



Welcome to Halloween Party 31st October

Friday 31 October its time again for my traditional Halloween Party.

Fia Halloween Party

I had my first Halloween party 2008 in Second Sweden and it was amazing. It was me and DJ Frosy Muggings that played the music and we had a total of 173 visitors during the night.

It was record then for Swedish second life and it had not been beaten.  video from the even still exists 🙂

And after that i have had Halloween parties every year except 2009 when i wasnt able to have it.

I am happy y to announce this Party and you are all welcome to join us on the lovely Yadkin sim owned by Rultan Zepelin and Alf Deejay that have been nice and let me have the party here 🙂  slurl

Finlay a movie clip for all of us to get in the right mood for Halloween  

Love and hugs from Fia ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

6 years in Second Life Rezzdayparty!

At the New Years Day 2008 i rezzed in Second life for the first time, Imagine i am that old. And today we are celebrating my 6 years (if its anything to celebrate)
You are all welcome to celebrate me slurl

Fia 6 years

Let’s Go Party!
Huggies /Fia W

Happy New Year!

This year are coming to and end and its time to resume it. To talk clear In virtual worlds this year have been the worst ever:(
For me there have been disasters all and all over again. When i started this year i was in love i had more then a half sim with like 10 000 prims.
I had a castle and i had some of the best ABC and Amaretto horses on the grid on Second Life. Now i live in a cottage i rent a small parcel of 250 prims
Fia Blond_001
and i do not have any horses. Its quite a journey from what it was. First i lost my loved one early this spring and there was a huge drama about that to it was terrible,
One of the worst thing that have happened to me on my time in sl 😦  Later this Summer it was the huge ABC drama and it ended up that i am not longer a part of that community.
Then late this autumn i was fired from my sim being accused of using up to many scripts , it was ridiculous and to be fired from a place you have been on for over 2 and a half year
That was not fun i can tell. and now finally it was the Amaretto food drama with false accusements some days after Christmas. Guess if i wants to turn the page to a new fresh one!
I have getting old to I am not the same little girl that rezzed here in this strange world 6 years ago on the 1st January 2008. A lot of water under the bridges.
I will not be here as much as i have been before next year. I have to priority my RL and my promise this New Year will be to spend less time in all virtual Worlds next year.
Second Life are getting old to when i rezzed in 2008 the hype on it was at its highest ever in our Swedish community we saw a lot of new faces every day
and the expansion was huge. Nowadays you will be happy if you see a new person once a month in the Swedish community and most of the new ones this days are alts to others.
I am not sure Second life will survive 6 other years. Nowadays LL lose like 2 sims every day and the spent hours of the residents is dropping.
Today the nr one things is not virtual Worlds. Now its FB, Instagram and other Social media that play most attention of the people especially the younger ones.
And left is old addicted people like me and others and we become less and less. LL have a lot to work with if SL should be tha popular again that it once was.
We are on a platform that is more then 10 years old it was good in the early 2000s but now its soon 2014 and tech from over 10 years ago will have there place at the museum.
So do i and the rest from my era, Its time for the younger generation to take over and do something about it others it will not last 6 more years.
I am not sure how much i will blog in the future as i will be more in RL there will be less to write about from this virtual Worlds but i do not think you will get rid of me total.
Tomorrow i will celebrate my 6th Rezzday and you are all invited to join I will publish a post about it tomorrow.
Whit this words i finally wants to wish all my friends a Happy New Year! May your 2014 be amazing for you all. Lets turn the page! We will end this with a song.

/Huggies Fia W  ❤❤❤❤❤

Fia Gold_001

Amaretto the most creepy SL company ever!

If you consider to start with a breedable in Second Life Don’t choice Amaretto!
I had been breeding them for about 3 years and suddenly yesterday they just banned me!
For what??? They accuse me to use fake bad food!  What ?? Yes they tell i have used food that was fake.
And the question why do they have a product that is that bad that it not works?
Why do they not fix the problems with it if it not do work?
I have been a loyal customer for 3 years and spent 100 000s of lindens on them and there thank for that is to ban me!
Is this the way a company should threat there customers? corse not! this is ridiculous and a terrible way to blame others for there own problems.
There TOS is a big joke how can they turn of people and steel there properties?
This is not the first time they do like this to there customers and NOT THE LAST! So if you consider to have a breedable in virtual Worlds.
DO NOT CONSIDER TO USE AMARETTO! all you get is a company that steals your money and do whatever they wants with your properties
If they not likes you they just turn you of ban you and steels you horses and bundles. Its terrible to be affected of things like this
and i really want to warn people about it so it not happens to others. before a company accuse there custamars to use bad food they need profs and were is the profs?
THEY HAVE NOTHING AT ALL! that’s the truth! Whats happened to me is terrible and i really hope that you not will be affected of crap like this so DON’T BUY THERE PRODUCTS!

Amaretto Poison

Others i wish you all a lovely Sunday ❤
Huggies/Fia W

Merry Christmas

I want to wish all my friends a lovely Merry Christmas.

Hope your Christmas will be amazing with your family and loved ones.

Love/Fia W  ❤❤❤❤❤

Fia Jul2

Finaly i want to give you a song to.

Steampunk with Nymlet

I was invited to visit Nymlet and her Place called The Stem Rose.

And wow what a place it was, I was truly amazed.

Nymlet Fs8_001

Nymlets Place9_001

It was a club and a lot more in the air will all of amazing stuff you could wish.
I started out at the main floor slurl

Nymlet Fs2_001


Dancefloor with DJ stand and a lot more. amazing dances for both couple and singles.

Nymlets Place12_001
The most awesome Tesla generators that was creating flashes.
Nymlet Fs1_001


After some dancing i went down used some of the most teleports i ever seen down to the main engine room.

Nymlet Fs5_001


A lot of machines controls and everything else 🙂

She also had a little robot drone that was repairing some leaks very useful when you deal with old stuff like this.

Nymlet Fs7_001


Some big guns and other things was protecting the place and corse the union flag

Nymlets Place3_001


I really wonder what Nymlet do in her bed? she have a mounted gatling gun in it 😀

Nymlets Place4_001


Nymlet also have shops there she is selling her creations a lot of amazing things a mobile DJ platform and a lot of weapons and other things and the Kraken Octopussy.

Nymlets Place6_001

Nymlet Fs15_001


With this harpoon you might be able to catch big things 🙂

Nymlet Fs11_001

She also have some uniforms and cloths for petite (small avatars)

Nymlet Fs14_001

Nymlet Fs14_002


Suddenly a it was a big flash in the store 🙂

Nymlet Fs13_001


Here you will find great Kings like Oscar The II from Sweden and famous inventors and explorers like Nordensköld

Nymlet Fs10_001


She also have a workshop were she create all tis stuff and i did see a lot of drawings 🙂

Nymlet Fs12_001


Nymlet also showed me her Victorian sex club 😉

Nymlets Place11_001


offcorse i had to try some pole dance.

Nymlets Place10_001


Nymlet Fs6_001


She also have a nice garden with fountains and even som rats that was dancing around 🙂

Nymlet Fs9_001


She also rent out small cute apartments.

Nymlets Place7_001


She also have a beautiful place outside when you just can relax and look at the stars in the telescopic.

Nymlet Fs3_001



You might even see some airships docking.

Nymlet Fs4_001


Finlay i wants to thank Nymlet so much for inviting me this was one of the most exiting places i ever seen in my almost 6 years long journey in Second Life.

Nymlets Place4_002


And i wish you all a nice Saturday evening, Huggies /Fia W ❤ ❤ ❤

Nymlets Place8_001

End Of Chowla 25/9 2011 – 12/11 2013

Some days ago my landlord Boby Brimm dived in on my bridge and wanted a talk with me. He told me i was using up the sims most recourses and that i do have to many scripts.

I quickly uploaded a picture showing that it was my neighbour that have the highest scripts on the sim, Look on the picture below!

.Statistics 2

Unfortionatly he didnt listen to me, Insted he got upset and told me i had 24 hours to leave and clean up! I say what!!!! are you kidding??
I have lived on this sim for over 2 years and i have never been late to pay my rent and always been polite. Is this how you threat your renters?
He told i have been bad i have used more prims that i sold i have used all the recourses on the sim, he had trouble to rent out the rest of the sim corse of me
and there have been a lot of issues he told. Bad rezzing and a lot of lag. Thats strange! I have lived here for over 2 years and i have never had this problems he told.
He just wanted to get rid of me i think, I can agree about the prims but he have told me that it not have been a problem if i have hade some extra prims and i have even for
over one year rented half of the sim that’s 7500 prims and i have paid him a lot of money. He also told that he no longer was my friend and i was like a parasite.
Thats not really nice to told a person that have rented your place for so long. I don’t think this is tha way mostly sold threat their friends and people’s you have business with.
At least i wold never do that myself.

Anyway i have to leave this place and it should be empty at Wednesday morning so i started to take pictures of how i have it now at the end.
I have planned to leave after my rezzparty at 1/1 2014 when i will become horrible 6 years in sl. 6 Years is a lot and a lot have happened to me.
I do need to cut down my time here in sl to foucus more on my RL and that’s why i make this decision a while ago. But i had hope to have one more winter here
at Chowla and to have a few more amazing party’s :). This time at Chowla have give me a lot , It have been up and down i have met love and lots of fun and joy , I have even
got a lot of drama ,sadness and heavy days. Its a big part of my SL life. Let me show you some pictures!

End Of Chowla_001
Here a view on the dancebridge ,the house and my little gazebo.

End Of Chowla_017

An Inside View in the house with this little cute Fairy ❤

End Of Chowla_014

From the upper floor in the house with my lovely bed.

End Of Chowla_004

My pool that my good friend Loffe have built for me ❤

End Of Chowla_005

The backside of the garden.

End Of Chowla_002

The lovely ABC horses Mera gave me when we was together. (I do not breed ABC horses anymore after a lot of racing drama)

End Of Chowla_003

My old Amaretto pet horses, This one is even older then Chowla and this 3 is actually the first ones i got and i do still have them 🙂

End Of Chowla_008

Amaretto Vampire horses 🙂 It was Halloween just a few days ago 😉

End Of Chowla_020

The Elemental Amaretto horses and the Unicorn.

End Of Chowla_007

My cloth stores.

End Of Chowla_006

The castle in night view.

End Of Chowla_009

Inside the castle and the skeleton in the coffin named Lucas 😀

End Of Chowla_010

The castle ghost girl with her baby.

End Of Chowla_012

Me playing at the piano for the last time here at Chowla 😦

End Of Chowla_013

My private Cinema.

End Of Chowla_015

The small cottage for the farm hand 😉

End Of Chowla_016

Garden at daytime.

End Of Chowla_018

The Halloweencastle skybox.

End Of Chowla_019

Inside view of the Halloween castle.

End Of Chowla_011

Andy finally Chowla from air.

This is a said day for me and now i have to start doing all the the packing. I don’t really know what will happen next. o got a little parcel of my own from my Premium account,
So maybe i will just live there or maybe i will rent a little parcel for the rest of the year. Its a lot of memory’s that are flowing into my brain now, I have had so much fun here
I have had Halloween party’s, Christmas party’s I have breed horses and a lot lot more. Its a crying Fia that writes all this but i have to move on to new adventures and looking forward.

Finlay i want to wish all my friends a nice day and thanks for all your support in this dark moment. I truly love you ❤
Lots of love /Fia W ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

End Of Chowla_021

Halloween Party!

I want to welcome all to a great Halloween party in my castle in the sky tomorrow  31/10 2013 at 9 PM CET time 21:00.   1pm SL Time

I will be the DJ and will play a lot of good songs. Put on your best and most scary Halloween costume and enjoy.  Here is the slurl   Welcome! ❤ ❤ ❤


Hugs and Kisses/ Fia W

Yadkin Festival this weekend!

Its time for this years Yadkin festival again and you are all welcome to join us for the fun 🙂
Here is the program

Yadkin Festival 2013_001

Have Rezzed my Camper to and we all have a nice time 🙂


Me at the camping with a Barbecued Meeroo , a very popular dish in second life


Huggies/Fia W ❤