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Steampunk with Nymlet

I was invited to visit Nymlet and her Place called The Stem Rose. And wow what a place it was, I was truly amazed. It was a club and a lot more in the air will all of amazing stuff you could wish. I started out at the main floor slurl   Dancefloor with …

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End Of Chowla 25/9 2011 – 12/11 2013

Some days ago my landlord Boby Brimm dived in on my bridge and wanted a talk with me. He told me i was using up the sims most recourses and that i do have to many scripts. I quickly uploaded a picture showing that it was my neighbour that have the highest scripts on the sim, Look …

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I have enterd building Contest in Cloud Party.

Right now in Cloud Party they have a great building contest. Build with the new block tool and you can win 1000 CC Cloud Coins 🙂 And its fun to build so why not take part? First of all what to build? I got no idea so i juast started to build and see whats …

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